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    Bandisoft公司成立于2008年,Bandisoft公司基于PC的软件免费共享。 公司地址:101-415,Uisadang Daero 38,Yeongdeungpo gu,汉城,韩国(邮编:07236) 如果您有任何其他产品相关的查询,请张贴在bandisoft论坛或发送电子邮件至apps@bandisoft.com。 Bandisoft bandizip/honeyview/cam 可实现快速办公。

  • How's this Start

    In 2012, Aiden Pearce, along with Damien Brenks, hacked into the Merlaut Hotel, owned by Dermot Quinn, in order to siphon peoples' bank accounts. Quinn,otherwise known as Lucky Quinn, thought he was being hacked for a video of Chicago's mayor murdering a woman named Rose Washington. The car drifted, and shortly after, rolled upside-down. This killed his niece, Lena Pearce, and set Aiden out for revenge .